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Do It Yourself Democracy

NuRedz provides a central vision for transformation to an advanced civilization – a civilization in the hands of, and for, the populace at large. This vision of Advanced Society fulfills the original meaning of the American Dream for both modern society and the aspirations of “third world” populations. This vision includes means and tools.

Visionary Means include:


Autonomy as an Operational Principle
Autonomy can define a single operational principle, which, diligently applied to a wide variety of life circumstances, can eliminate the overwhelming majority of externally imposed constraints. These include lots of bad news and hard times. Autonomy re-defines self-reliance.

Advanced Society

Solar Flare

Advanced Society

What does an advanced society look like, and how does one get from here to there? In simplistic abstract it exhibits 1) Local autonomy of institutions and infrastructures, especially including household charters, 2) Rule of Law, whether Civil or Case Law or some combination, universally applied, and 3) a small central state enforcing a constitution of common values.

Action Points

You don't need NuRedz for this.

Pick your battles.

Inform yourself.

Express yourself.

John Read, President, Domestic Advanced Resource Council

Educator, Technologist
John waving to the trongs• Director of Education: program planning & development; Great Books program: Critical Thinking skills; Teaching & teacher training.
• Inventor, science & technology innovation & development
• Publishing Executive: Information Technology; Science
• Policy development & implementation

Additional involvements
• Cross-cultural alliance building
• Team & project development & coordination
• Market analysis & product development
• International nanotechnology research & application development
• Teaching & teacher training

John's theory on educational reform and on prison reform, as well as military intervention theory, has informed two sitting U.S. presidents.

"Free Market" versus Free Enterprise

The term 'Free Enterprise' does not have a separate listing on Wikipedia. Instead some wiki editor placed it under the category Capitalism. Given current usage no shoehorn can make that fit. We can and will redefine 'capital' and 'capitalism' in a moment. Free Enterprise refers firstly to one’s ability to enter the marketplace as a producer of goods & services, and secondly as the resulting ability to control one’s own financial destiny.